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Broadway/National Tour: The Phantom of the Opera (Don Attilio), Sweeney Todd (Sweeney), Company

"Singer-Singer, Singer-Actor, Actor-Singer, Singer-Dancer, etc, etc- I cannot recommend Francesca and her studio highly enough. There is nothing like walking into an audition room armed with a foundation and technique that cannot be shaken. Francesca will show you the path to your full potential by sheer virtue of her ability to turn what she hears and observes your body do and make it work FOR rather than against you. It's the same you- only BIONIC!"

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Guest Artist, Hamburger Kammeroper; Guest Artist, Glimmerglass Opera

"Francesca is truly a holistic voice practitioner, realizing that every voice is different and that the solution to each voice's problems will be different, too. She teaches with confidence and knowledge, which inspires your own confidence and encourages your innate knowledge about your own instrument. She knows that every voice is an individual and beautiful in its own way."

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Soloist, Boston Baroque, Defiant Requiem Foundation; Guest Artist, Spoleto Festival, Opéra Royal de Wallonie 

"Francesca and I were initially introduced as friends, but when I realized how aligned our philosophies on singing were, it only made sense to take a lesson. Boy! What a difference it makes to have a peer-to-peer relationship with someone who really gets your voice! We spend most of our time just digging deep on technique, which is a balm when most of your energy is focused on prepping repertoire and slamming out gigs. Being able to return to the basics and really luxuriate in them gave me all sorts of new insights and developments in my performances. I’m lucky to count Francesca as a colleague AND a friend!"



Soloist, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra; Guest Artist, Vancouver Opera

"I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to study with Francesca Mondanaro. One of the greatest gifts she has given me in the lessons is her gift of really listening to me, and helping make subtle shifts that lead to new habits. The music making is so effortless now. She has no bias of age, size or ability. She relates to me, and helps me find my 'real' voice."



Artistic Director, Vertical Player Repertory

"Francesca works with the whole person, and the whole voice, with her whole soul. I've experienced a remarkable opening of my own voice as a result of her generous, patient and deeply knowledgeable work. She is detail-oriented, consistent, exacting yet compassionate, and keeps her eye on the prize: beautiful, ringing, free tone built from the ground up on a reliable vocal technique. A few years ago, I experienced some health problems that led to vocal challenges, and I was looking for support. I'd heard about Francesca’s incredibly beautiful dramatic soprano voice from my colleagues in the opera world, and on an impulse, approached her at an event to ask if she would consider taking me on as a student. I am so glad I did! Being able to study with someone who not only truly gets and accepts my voice, but can demonstrate with such jaw-dropping beauty is priceless."



MET National Council Regional Winner; Seattle Opera YAP;

Faculty, IVAI New York (Alexander Technique for Singers)

"Francesca Mondanaro is a profoundly gifted voice teacher. She combines fluent technical knowledge with an impressive intuitive sense of how to free the voice and maximize beauty and expression. I have studied with many New York City voice teachers and can say with confidence that Francesca is a hidden gem and will undoubtedly soon be wait-list only. Thank you Francesca for helping me secure my upcoming jobs!"

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Soloist, Paris Choral Society; Soloist, National Chorale; Soloist, Orchester Landesteater Dessau

"Francesca Mondanaro possesses a rare ability to understand exactly what is keeping each individual voice from achieving its fullest beauty, and she knows just what to do to fix things.  She works patiently and enthusiastically, and as a result her students all make rapid progress.  She is a passionate and dedicated teacher, and those who work with her consider themselves to be supremely fortunate."


Ileana santamaria, soprano

Soloist, Harlem Opera Theater; Soloist, Choral Society of the Hamptons

"Francesca Mondanaro has generously and skillfully shared with me certain fundamentals of vocal technique that are particularly important for me as a young soprano. In no time at all, she guided me to figure out piano singing safely (just in time for my most important audition this year, which required a kind of very delicate, floaty singing that I hadn't managed consistently yet), fully supported and with my true voice. She gave me exercises to open up my highest high notes comfortably and showed me how to work my way there, again, safely and the right way; and with very simple, specific, gentle guidance, she has helped relieve my pesky tongue tension, a problem that is now almost solved. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable technician and artist who can help any singer.  She imparts her hard-earned knowledge and wisdom on the practical steps that make for solid, supported, free bel canto singing clearly and warmly, with great gusto for her craft and empathy for her students. Brava and thank you!"

After a year of studying with Francesca my singing voice has opened up enormously. Her teaching is very careful, precise, descriptive and extremely methodical. She always seems to know what my voice needs in order to develop. Before I can even begin to put into words the challenges I've been struggling with, she shares with me an approach, mindset, or vocal technique that seems to bypass the frustration or lack of coordination I've been experiencing. Francesca cares deeply about each voice she takes into her studio. She values healthy singing, repertoire that suits an individual's voice, and exploring the inner game of a performer's very complicated psychology. She is very kind, patient, and flexible in her pedagogy, eager to find new ways to communicate in ways that resonate with a given student, and never shaming or humiliating anyone in her studio.  - Isaac Mann, Baritone

I'm the poster child for the Never-Too-Late Club!  As a retiree in my mid-60s whose formal musical activities ended after high school band, I am not a typical bel canto student.  I have always loved to sing and had often been told that I have a "nice" voice, but after being invited to join a choir composed mainly of conservatory-trained singers as a volunteer, I decided that I needed some formal training in order to be able to hold my own and make an actual vocal contribution to the ensemble.  Francesca has the unique ability to meet everyone right where they are, even though my goals might be different from those of some of her other students .  She has helped me discover my authentic voice, at long last.  In the two years I have worked with her, I have developed more vocal strength, stamina and range, along with joy and satisfaction from singing, than I ever could have imagined.  I have even sung solo in front of an audience for the first time in my life and enjoyed it, to my great surprise!  That would  never have been possible without her warm encouragement and spot-on insights into how my individual voice works, week by week.  Thank you, Francesca! - Mary Ellen Lavin, Contralto

Francesca teaches with her entire soul. Singing with her was like learning from someone who not only possesses a ton of knowledge and experience, but she has an ability to make you feel like she is there for you, she will accompany you in your journey and you will create beautiful music as a result! - Karen Santos, Soprano

Francesca is amazing!! She knows so much about vocal technique, and on top of that she is so kind and generous! You can be struggling with a vocal issue and she knows exactly what to say to you to fix the problem. I absolutely love my lessons with her! I will travel far and wide, whatever it takes to get to her! - Emlyn Sheely, Soprano 

Francesca’s teaching reflects a rare combination of expertise and empowerment. Not only is she a superb technician, she is incredibly caring and personable. She listens attentively as well as happily answers questions and clarifies concepts. Ultimately, Francesca enables you to reveal your true, authentic voice and empowers your inner artist.  - Danielle Cyr, Soprano

I went to my very first singing lesson in my life today. Not even sure what I was expecting although I knew I needed major help. I came away from one lesson with more knowledge about my voice and vocal range than I could even imagine. The level of professionalism and fun abounded. I can't wait to practice for my next lesson. - Gabby Feq, Baritone

An amazingly gifted, kind, encouraging, and relatable teacher! I left my lessons with a clear feeling of accomplishment and new understanding of concepts presented. I would highly recommend her to anyone of any level!!! - Tamara McCoy, Mezzo Soprano