I am Francesca Mondanaro, and I am so happy that you have found your way to my teaching website.


If you are a working singer with specific industry goals, have high expectations and are ready to do the work;

are a young aspiring professional who needs the best guidance and instruction available to prepare for college, conservatory or young artist auditions;

are a passionate amateur who wants to be taken seriously and you desire to express yourself to your best ability;


want to take lessons, but have not known where to turn or had trouble trusting a teacher with your voice; 


have walked away from singing for another profession and feel like a "shadow artist", have been intimidated by vocal issues, or been shamed from singing in public;

need a compassionate, empathetic, experienced voice teacher offering world class technique who will support you and push you to peak performance; 

Welcome. You are in the right place, and I am so excited to meet you.

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Working and singing with me in my private studio means being connected to:


  • The wisdom I've gained from over 20 years of vocal and musical study at such places as The Curtis Institute of Music, Music Academy of the West and more

  • The industry knowledge that comes from my performing as a guest artist with Deutsche Oper Berlin, Baltimore Opera, Sarasota Opera, Nashville Opera, Spontini Festivale, and many, many others

  • A warm, nurturing, healthy, positive learning environment where "Every Voice Counts"

  • Rigorous, focused, results-oriented technical work

  • Honest, constructive feedback and a solution for any technical issue

  • The respect and compassion you deserve no matter where you are on your unique vocal journey

  • Absolute transparency with a clear and ethical Studio Policy



Here is what my clients say about their singing and what my teaching does for them when they study with me (for other professional recommendations, click here)

"Francesca Mondanaro is a profoundly gifted voice teacher. She combines fluent technical knowledge with an impressive intuitive sense of how to free the voice and maximize beauty and expression. I have studied with many New York City voice teachers and can say with confidence that Francesca is a hidden gem and will undoubtedly soon be wait-list only. Thank you Francesca for helping me secure my upcoming jobs!"    - Alexis Martin (Seattle Opera YAP)

"Singer-Singer, Singer-Actor, Actor-Singer, Singer-Dancer, etc,  - I cannot recommend Francesca and her studio highly enough. There is nothing like walking into an audition room armed with a foundation and technique that cannot be shaken. Francesca will show you the path to your full potential by sheer virtue of her ability to turn what she hears and observes your body do and make it work FOR rather than against you. It's the same you- only BIONIC!"    - David Michael Garry, Broadway/National Tour: Phantom of the Opera (Don Attilo), Sweeney Todd (Sweeney), Company


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"Francesca works with the whole person, and the whole voice, with her whole soul. I've experienced a remarkable opening of my own voice as a result of her generous, patient and deeply knowledgeable work. She is detail-oriented, consistent, exacting yet compassionate, and keeps her eye on the prize: beautiful, ringing, free tone built from the ground up on a reliable vocal technique. A few years ago, I experienced some health problems that led to vocal challenges, and I was looking for support. I'd heard about Francesca’s incredibly beautiful dramatic soprano voice from my colleagues in the opera world, and on an impulse, approached her at an event to ask if she would consider taking me on as a student. I am so glad I did! Being able to study with someone who not only truly gets and accepts my voice, but can demonstrate with such jaw-dropping beauty is priceless."

 - Judith Barnes, Artistic Director, Vertical Player Repertory

To book a lesson with Francesca, just fill out the form on this page.  To learn more about the different types of lessons offered after your initial consultation, click here.