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Broadway/National Tour: The Phantom of the Opera (Don Attilio), Sweeney Todd (Sweeney), Company

"Singer-Singer, Singer-Actor, Actor-Singer, Singer-Dancer, etc, etc- I cannot recommend Francesca and her studio highly enough. There is nothing like walking into an audition room armed with a foundation and technique that cannot be shaken. Francesca will show you the path to your full potential by sheer virtue of her ability to turn what she hears and observes your body do and make it work FOR rather than against you. It's the same you- only BIONIC!"

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Guest Artist, Hamburger Kammeroper; Guest Artist, Glimmerglass Opera

"Francesca is truly a holistic voice practitioner, realizing that every voice is different and that the solution to each voice's problems will be different, too. She teaches with confidence and knowledge, which inspires your own confidence and encourages your innate knowledge about your own instrument. She knows that every voice is an individual and beautiful in its own way."

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Soloist, Boston Baroque, Defiant Requiem Foundation; Guest Artist, Spoleto Festival, Opéra Royal de Wallonie 

"Francesca and I were initially introduced as friends, but when I realized how aligned our philosophies on singing were, it only made sense to take a lesson. Boy! What a difference it makes to have a peer-to-peer relationship with someone who really gets your voice! We spend most of our time just digging deep on technique, which is a balm when most of your energy is focused on prepping repertoire and slamming out gigs. Being able to return to the basics and really luxuriate in them gave me all sorts of new insights and developments in my performances. I’m lucky to count Francesca as a colleague AND a friend!"



Soloist, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra; Guest Artist, Vancouver Opera

"I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to study with Francesca Mondanaro. One of the greatest gifts she has given me in the lessons is her gift of really listening to me, and helping make subtle shifts that lead to new habits. The music making is so effortless now. She has no bias of age, size or ability. She relates to me, and helps me find my 'real' voice."



Artistic Director, Vertical Player Repertory

"Francesca works with the whole person, and the whole voice, with her whole soul. I've experienced a remarkable opening of my own voice as a result of her generous, patient and deeply knowledgeable work. She is detail-oriented, consistent, exacting yet compassionate, and keeps her eye on the prize: beautiful, ringing, free tone built from the ground up on a reliable vocal technique. A few years ago, I experienced some health problems that led to vocal challenges, and I was looking for support. I'd heard about Francesca’s incredibly beautiful dramatic soprano voice from my colleagues in the opera world, and on an impulse, approached her at an event to ask if she would consider taking me on as a student. I am so glad I did! Being able to study with someone who not only truly gets and accepts my voice, but can demonstrate with such jaw-dropping beauty is priceless."

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Deutsche Oper Berlin, Chor; Komische Oper, Chor

"Francesca Mondanaro is one of the best teachers of vocal technique in New York City. She has that rare combination of technical know-how and excellent instincts, since she is a world class singer in her own right, having sung lead roles at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin and around the US. Her teaching of breath support moved my singing to another level, and I’m not even able to see her nearly as often as I would like to. Her observations about the role of the lower back in breath support and releasing the ribs while keeping the throat open and staying connected to the body, have played an enormous role in me finding my mature operatic sound. She’s especially good for people who need to find their way again after years of misguided teaching." 

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North American Tour, Disney's Aladdin

This pandemic had messed with my voice, and worse, my head. Was feeling so out of shape vocally...which caused me to feel anxious and frustrated and depressed...really not in a good place AT ALL.  I reached out to my friend Francesca Rachel Mondanaro and asked if she'd take me under her wing. I needed someone who not only really knows vocal technique but also understands the psychology of singers and singing. And WOOHOO, these past three months have been so exciting! We have been working steadily. She gets me; she gets my voice. Her bel canto technique is solid. But more than technique it's the passion with which she imparts it. She adores what she does, and her joy and zest are infectious!

I've never enjoyed practicing more than I do now. NEVER. And that's partly because I am seeing the benefits of doing what she says...there's tangible improvement. It's so bloody fun! And this is all via Zoom. Now I cannot to be back in NYC and in a studio with her. Maybe my dream of doing a messa di voce in my passaggio will finally become a reality! Thank you, dear Francesca. Onward and upward!

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