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Francesca is known for building and honing voices in an exacting, technically detailed yet nurturing manner, and is passionate about creating an atmosphere in her studio that allows singers to take risks while holding them to a high technical standard that creates concrete improvements and gets bankable results.  Her concepts derive specifically from both the Italian schools of Garcia and Lamperti, as well as the Swedish-Italian school of Lindquest and Hislop, along with body alignment work through Feldenkrais Movement.   Francesca is a style neutral teacher, who uses her gift of exacting, safe technique to repair and build the voices of her clients who are professionally working in opera, musical theater, jazz and rock, as well as working with aspiring professionals and passionate avocational adult students, always maintaining flexibility to the needs and changes of the industry as style preferences change.  Her mission is to provide world class pedagogical instruction for every single voice that comes into her studio regardless of professional aspiration or level of development.

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"Francesca Mondanaro is one of the best teachers of vocal technique in New York City."

- Jeremy Osborne, Deutsche Oper Berlin Chor, Komische Oper Chor 

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